Friday, December 18, 2009

Giving This Christmas Season!!!!!!!!!!

As Christmas is around the corner, lots of presents are being bought and thought of. During this Christmas season if you are still looking for a present for a family member or for your entire family , and are looking for another way to give... I ask that you PRAYERFULLY consider giving towards my staff account at Back2Back. To be honest with all of you, i am still $5,000 short. I know that God is faithful, and in the big scheme of things $5,000 is nothing compared to what i have to raise to be here for a year.

Those of you that know me personally, or that only know me through someone, or those of you that have just found my blog randomly and have been on this journey with me, you all know my heart. You know that my passion is children. You Know that God has called me here to take action in the lives of orphan children. You know that God has me here for a reason. I pray you would know that through your donations you are indirectly serving the orphan child. By your donation i am able to be here, loving on children that have no one. Loving on the child that is broken. Loving on the child that just got dropped off, at the orphanage, by a mom or a dad. I AM HERE ONLY BECAUSE OF THE SUPPORT FROM YOU ALL.

I just want to say THANK YOU to all my supporters right now. Those that pray for me, give monetary donations, and those that are excited about what God is doing in and through me here in Monterrey, Mexico. I seriously wouldn't be able to be here if it wasn't for you all.

If you feel led to give towards my staff account this Christmas season: all financial support can be made payable to:

BACK2BACK ministries
P.O. Box 70
Mason, Oh 45040

Please note that your donation is TAX DEDUCTABLE!!!!!!!

If you put a note inside saying that the donation is for Becca Gantz's support account, they say that is better than putting my name in the memo.

Thank you all so much for reading my blog, keeping up with my life in Mexico, and for loving me through it all. I couldn't ask for better prayer partners and supporters.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I pray your Christmas is a time of joy, peace, and lots of love!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Enjoying Christmas!!!!

i just wanted to upload some fun pictures. We just had our annual women's retreat. God continues to make Himself known and His Spirit more alive every year. My favorite part of this trip is that these women prepare months in advance for this one week. This week is so special in so many ways.

Reason number 1.... I get to help ask the children what they want for Christmas! you should see their little faces when i ask them. they light up and say "we get to choose what we want." I find great joy in getting cute little answers from them.

Reason number 2.... we send the women the Christmas lists and they delegate who is buying what for each individual child. There are so many presents the day they come it is like Santa's Workshop. Wrapping, writing names on each gift, baking cookies, preparing for the day, and sometimes even doing a work project.

Reason number 3..... Delivering the presents..... the kids are so excited and LOVE seeing what they asked for right in front of them. We continue to tell them the real reason for the Season and why these women do this! The kids grateful hearts, beautiful smiles, and the glow from happiness is all over their faces.

Reason number 4... THE FELLOWSHIP... i absolutely feel filled up and encouraged by each of these women. Getting to know each other throughout the entire day. Then coming home for some warm coffee, some worship, and a wonderful time of debriefing.

Reason number 5... The fun field trips.... This year we took Casa Hogar Del Norte to a place called Kidzania. it is like a big town shrunk down to kid size. SO FUN. also, we did a candy cane outreach with the girls from Casa Hogar Manantial De Amor. we hung candy canes on the neighbors gates and attached was the legend of a candy cane. We did a candle lit caroling walk to Casa Hogar Douglas. Sang Christmas carols outside for them. they sang to us too. it was so honkin cute!

Reason number 6... DECORATING ALL THE CHRISTMAS TREES... we deliver a Christmas tree to each home and the women bring all stuff to decorate. lights, flowers, tinsel, stars, and lots of things to make ornaments with the children.

can you tell i really enjoy this week. I could go on all night long with the list of things i love about this week. But unfortunately that is it for now. i hope you get a feel for the love i have for each of these women and each of these kids. What a sweet time to celebrate our KING being born on such a wonderful day.