Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Engagement Party

My best friend Amanda Taylor threw Rodo and I a Surprise Engagement Party! Rodo and i had gone to the lake to visit with my parents for a few days prior. Then on that day we drove in i was so ready to hold colton, amanda's new baby. I had no make up on and rodo and i were very tired. We got to Amanda's house and i basically grabbed Colton right away. Amanda had told me that she was meeting with a bride for her wedding planning business, Embellished Weddings. So i was just going to wait for her at her house. She had been texting me all day. i thought it was because she was so excited to see me, but it really was because she had a house full of people waiting for us. When we arrived at her house people started flooding from her back hallway. It was a wonderful surprise. Amanda had a cake made that was a hot air balloon. it was precious. Lots of people that we love were there with cards, bride magazines, and big smiles. Amanda, thank you for throwing us an engagement party. You are kind of ridiculous because you just had a baby and you threw all that together. I love you so much. it means the world to me that you are so excited for mine and Rodo's future together. Thank you for all the time and work you put into that to make us feel special and loved. I loved the cake, the magazines, and the crazy fun necklace! It was such a fun surprise! I LOVE YOU GIRL!

Fundraiser 2010

My Fundraiser was on August 19, 2010. It hit me that only 3 of my supporters had actually been to Monterrey and really KNOW what it is that i do here. So, i decided to take a video camera around for the month of June. With the help of one of our interns, Adam, i was able to make a video of my life here in Mexico. All the areas of my life and ministry here were covered. It was a dessert fundraiser. Some of my friends made some yummy desserts and it was our snack while we were all watching the video. I got up and spoke a little bit about how my life is going to be different these next couple years from my past couple years. i have a NEW ROLE here at Back2Back. My main job here is FOOD QUEEN. Basically i break down how many guests we will have and how we are going to feed them. i break it down literally to every slice of bread, every piece of cheese, every piece of turkey, every bag of chips, drinks, cookouts, pollo loco runs, and help vita (our cook) figure out how many people she needs to feed. There is so much more detail than that but i figured i wouldn't bore you with details. I had been praying for God to give me something, job related, that i could call my own. And He did! i am very excited about this new role because it is different. i won't be going out with groups every day. i will be sometimes just not all the time. i will still be debriefing because i love that. I will also continue to invest in the lives of the teens that are here. And i will be the head person for the new STINTers. God has big things in store for this year. i am excited to see how everything unfolds. on top of all of that, i am getting married. So learning out how to balance work, teens, relationship, prep for wedding stuff, and the actual marriage is going to take time. I am just praying that God gives me good balance. Please join me in prayer for this upcoming year and my ministry here with Back2Back.

If you wish to see the video i can mail it to you. email me your address at pomchick003@aol.com. i left a copy in Oklahoma so people can pass it around. But after you watch it i might ask for you to send it to someone else, if you wouldn't mind.

If you wish to support me monthly or through a one time gift, please make checks payable to Back2Back Ministries and we ask that you DO NOT put my name in the memo but for proper deposit to write on a separate sheet of paper BECCA GANTZ so they know what account the money goes to. Also note that there is a automatic withdraw for those that would want to or are willing to donate monthly.
And ALL monetary donations are TAX DEDUCTABLE!!!!!

To All my supporters that were able to make it to the fundraiser (and those that weren't), Thank you so much for your continued love and support. I would not be able to do what i do without people like you in my life. I am praying for God to bless you in mighty ways this year. THANK YOU!!!!!

BIG ANNOUCNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay i know it has been a month now but i have reason. i went back to Oklahoma to do some fundraising and it was right before i left that it happened. While i am in Oklahoma nothing but fundraising gets done. And now, i have time to sit down and tell you all about my life and my future.

here we go....

March 2001- Rodo and Becca Meet.
Summer 2004- Becca is in Mexico all summer and gets to know Rodo better
Summer 2005- Friendship is growing and Rodo asks Becca out for the first time. Becca says No. Not because she didn't like him but because she didn't know what her life was going to look like in the future so why go on a date just to date?
Summer 2006- Friendship continues to grow and they become REALLY GOOD FRIENDS!
Summer 2007- Enjoying the Friendship
October 2007- Jim and Betty get married. Rodo and Becca salsa dance the night away. Becca crazily puts her number in Rodo's phone.
A week later- Rodo calls Becca in Oklahoma for the first time.
Spring Break 2008- Rodo tells Becca his intentions with talking to her and pursing her on the phone.
Summer 2008- Rodo and Becca go on 7 dates before making it official.
July 30, 2008- Becca's 23rd Birthday and the day Rodo OFFICIALLY asks Becca to be his girlfriend. (one of the best days ever in Becca's books)
January 2, 2009- Rodo and Becca say "I love you" for the first time!
August 2009- Rodo goes home with Becca for the first time. Meets all of her friends and family.

So there is the story of Becca and Rodolfo until 2010. And now, the proposal story!!!!!

July 28th we set off on a surprise trip for "my birthday" and our 2 year! we get to the bus station here in Monterrey and my roomate, Hope, with her boyfriend, Cheque, were there for a surprise. So the 4 of us set off on an adventure. We went to a place called Queretaro. It is 9 hours from Monterrey. Inside of Queretaro was another town called Tequisquiapan. In that city they have a hot air balloon service. So July 30, 2010 just rodo and i got up and met in the lobby at 6:00 AM. Just me and him went up in the hot air balloon. it was SO ROMANTIC. little did i know what was coming next. When we landed, rodo put my camera on Video and asked the captain of our hot air balloon to video. i still had no idea what was going on. Then Rodo starts saying very sweet things about me and our relationship and he pulls out a ring and gets on his knee. I THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE. HAHA but as it came to reality i quickly said yes. SO I AM OFFICIALLY ENGAGED as of July 30,2010 at 7:45 AM.
We are so excited to see how God is going to use us together as a couple. We have been eager to get some things planned already. Our Wedding Date is March 5, 2011. Just Family is coming. But then we are going to do a HUGE reception in Oklahoma towards the end of March and everyone and anyone is invited to that. We have 6 months to prepare things for the rest of our lives. We know that the wedding is one day out of the rest of our lives. So we are more eager to plan things for our future than the wedding right now.
We ask for your prayers as we are in a new season. We ask for your prayers for our future together and for our family.

All of you need to start practicing my new last name. My name will be Rebecca Lynn Arguello. the g is silent and the ll sounds like a Y. Go ahead try and say it. haha

If you would like to see the video from the Hot Air Balloon click here!!!!

If you would like to see the proposal video click here!!!!!

Enjoy!!! This was the most wonderful day of my life. (so far) i am sure the wedding day will outweigh that haha. My fiance is the most kind, gentle, tender hearted person i know. i am so in love with him and excited that he chose ME! if you don't know him, i hope you will get to one day. Thank you for all of those that are excited for us and are praying for us.