Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time well spent in Cancun

Favorite moments of Cancun-

I was able to visit the DIF (Government Orphanage) 2 times. We played games, Told them stories, passed out candy, and did crafts!
I got to see what being a soccer mom was all about- GO CHLOE!
Go Corinna!!!
I got to experience the beautiful beaches of Cancun.
Thought of Rodo the entire time!
Got to build relationships with the kids at the DIF.
I got to visit the 2 children's homes that B2B is partnering with.
And most of all, i got lots of time with cooper kids. I have missed this family so much. It felt so normal to be driving around Cancun. i think it was because i feel so comfortable with this family. They are a HUGE part of my life. Chloe and Corinna tried on their Jr. Bridesmaid dresses for me and they looked BEAUTIFUL. They have all grown so much. We had so much fun together for the past 2 weeks. lots of dropping off/ picking up from school, doing homework, and exploring beaches together. I had a great time with them. It made me miss seeing them everyday!

it is good to be back in Monterrey for a little bit. I am going back to Cancun for our annual Christmas Women's Group. We leave the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am excited to see more of the ministry aspect of Cancun when i go back.

Hope all of you supporters/ readers are doing great. Weather here in Monterrey is getting brisk. Makes me missing the hot Cancun weather!!