Friday, December 12, 2008

Womens group making it a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Santa's little workshop was in town this past week. i am still trying to process everything that happened. to sum the week up it was super emotional in a way that i could not comprehend. God doing so much through so many. I guess that is the Body of Christ huh? There were 27 women that came down and this past week and together we literally brought Christmas to EVERY single child we serve here in Monterrey. It was a pleasure to meet these women and i enjoyed so much getting to know each and every one of them. i got to serve with them during the day and then go to their debriefing every night. You could tell God was changing the hearts of many. it made me realize how sweet it is to be a part of God's sweet little plans. With these women, not only did we bring Christmas to every child. we also got to take 2 casa hogars ice skating with us, took a Christmas tree to every home, helped the children decorate their trees, went to the rio and made blankets with the women that lived there, made over 2000 cookies to give away, and to top the week off, we got to have a little dance for one of the homes. those are just a few of the little events that took place while they were here. other than that the whole entire time we had great amount of fellowship. God using these women to come bring gifts to every child made these kids feel so special in every way. they were so happy and so thankful for their presents. it was awesome to be a part of this week. The women's group will hands down go to being one of the best weeks of my life. I wish i could put into words how i felt but honestly i can't. i just know God is moving and using all of us. We are His bride and He is pursuing us daily. What a joy and delight to be a part of the Body of Christ !!!!! O COME LET US ADORE HIM!!!!!!!! Let us truly remember why we are here on this earth and that Christmas is all about JESUS being born!!!! I hope you all are having a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Jose from Rayitos de Luz running to get his Christmas present.

And my sweet little Pamela from Imperio de Amor with her present and all smiles!!!!!

worship in the rio with the women. my new friend Jenn Weber was apart of our team. She has an amazing voice you should check her out

We took the ERJ kids and Rayitos de Luz kids ice skating... it was def. something they had never done before. lots of laughter and lots of smile!!

sweet children decorating ornaments for their Christmas tree we brought them!!!!

We had a snowball dance for the manantial de amor kids. it was so much fun getting all fancy and getting the girls ready. Kenzi and i led some dances for the whole casa hogar and the women. it was so much fun. they didn't want to stop!! (me either)