Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kitchen Wars!!!!!!

Before Kitchen 

In the Process of/New Kitchen 

I don't know why i named this post kitchen wars but i thought it was fun:) 

The next project out at Rancho de Los Ninos is helping create a new/better kitchen! 

It is almost completed... 

The walls have been busted to create bigger space. The new tile has been put everywhere. The little see through window is for the care takers to be able to watch the kids in the new therapy room (another project) while they are cooking!  

Those of you that will be visiting soon and have been here before, are not going to BELIEVE the difference! 

Thank you Jesus for the donations for this project... it is very well needed for this home!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


September 16 is Mexico's Independence Day!

This past Saturday, We headed out around 8 pm to go down to the town square and celebrate with the rest of Mazatlan.

The Mayor did " el grito" where everyone yells VIVA! 

Then they had (in my opinion not the best) firework display. It was fun seeing fireworks but we were standing right by where they set them off and we all starting running like crazy because we were getting burned by the debris... YIKES:) 

The food was awesome. I am pretty sure we explored every little cart of food/pastries they had.  There was  entertainment for the evening all the way from clowns to mariachi bands. What a great night to hang out with the Mazatlecos (people from mazatlan) and hanging out with our B2B community! 

Nothing like  experiencing  Mexican Culture at its finest :) 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday Fun with Floreser

Dana and I are trying to get Birthday celebrations started up here in Mazatlan. I would definitely say our first party was a success! 

We decided to start Birthdays with Floreser first.  Soon we are hopeful to branch out to the other homes when we can create a side fund for birthday parties. 

We had Floreser over for a swim party, snacks, crafts, cupcakes, and fun! 
There are ALOT of birthdays in this home for the month of september so a celebration seemed appropriate:) 

The middle picture is 2 of the birthday girls that were so thrilled with their cupcakes that said happy birthday on them. 
It is not a birthday here in Mexico if cake/icing does not get on your face... So, of course cupcake wars broke out and the result is in the last picture! 

Such a fun afternoon with the girls. Getting to spend relational time with them is my most favorite thing. They wanted to learn how to swim under water, do handstands, swim backwards, and much more. 

Great Guests, Great Food, Great Party, Great Fun!!!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Rancho De Los Ninos Perimeter Wall

I can't believe after 6 months of working on the perimeter wall 
out at rancho de los ninos it is pretty much complete!

 The wall itself is done. But up at the top there are little poles sticking up so we can tie barbed wire all the way around the premises! Then it will be COMPLETE! We are waiting for our groups in October to help us complete it:)
 So excited that the children in this home are more protected because of generous donors and because of all the hands that helped! Thank you Jesus for the ways you protect the children at Rancho!