Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I had the pleasure of going to El Limon this past weekend. El limon is the children's home that is 6 hours away from our property. i was able to meet up with one of our groups that was staying there for their week.
There are no words that come to mind when thinking of this children's home and their incredible leadership except for TOTAL SURRENDER TO GOD. i went to a place that i have not been in almost 5 years and still come back feeling so filled up with the presence of the Lord it is almost unreal. The presence of God in this casa hogar is so thick. there is no doubt that if you go to el limon in hopes of serving you come back feeling completely served.
While i was there i had the pleasure of helping cut down a tree. using only an axe and a machete. it was the MOST interesting work, i think, a team of girls could do. we have lots of fun memories of us and this tree. we also took the kids from this casa hogar to some natural water springs and had a cookout. this place was beautiful. the picture above does not even do it justice. i also climbed to one of the tallest branches and jumped into the water. it was super deep and a fun rush. although i landed kinda funny and bruised my tail bone... haha only me i know. oh well I DID IT FOR THE CHILDREN AND THEIR LITTLE HEARTS. (that is a little insider for miss kenzi couch) It was such a fun refreshing day. the water that was so clear, the arrachera tacos, and oxxo runs were AWESOME.
At night, me and the other stinters (jay and kenzi) went up on the scaffold that overlooked the city of mante, which is where el limon is. Anyways, the town is really really little and quiet. the stars were out and shining so bright. everything took me back to simplicity. our lives and relationship with the Lord doesn't have to be as difficult as we make it. sometimes we (especially me) get so caught up in the worldly things when all we really do is need to LOOK UP and see the stars and listen the gentle whispers of the Lord. God is ALL around us and is ready to show us the Beauty and REALITY of who He is whenever we get over ourselves and continue to realize it is not about us but all about HIM.
since we are back on our campus and are taking precautions against the swine flu stuff we are planning things to do with the jovens. last night we had worship for about 2 1/2 hours. i left after 15 minutes of it and grabbed my ipod and went to a scaffold here on campus (it is the one in the picture above). i am so refreshed by God and His presence since last night. i have longed to do worship in English but everyone that lives on campus that could lead worship only knows Spanish. hints the ipod and scaffold. i got up and away from everyone on campus and went up to where it was just me and the Lord. i don't think i have ever belted worship songs so loud with my arms wide open just praising our God for how incredibly wonderful and great He is. (and praying that i didn't fall off the scaffold haha) there is so much going on in Mexico and the U.S. that has everyone worried so much. God did not put us here on the earth to worry and be afraid. HE IS WITH US. i feel like we are all acting like He went away or something. well i can tell you something for sure, HE IS DEFINITELY HERE AND PRESENT. before worrying about something, how about we build an altar (fall on our knees) and give it to the Lord. Remember God is in control. He knows what is going on with this swine flu and drug wars and economy. HE IS A GOD THAT LOVES HIS CHILDREN AND PROMISES TO BE WITH US. rest in that reassurance sweet friends and know that He is not going anywhere. i pray that you all will be able to have a sweet encounter with the Lord SOON. OH HOW HE LOVES US.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


trip to the border-
Carol Anderson By Invitation has been very generous to Back2Back. we have had our second annual cabi sales here in the Monterrey area. they ship the clothes to Mcallen, Texas and we go there for a day and sort them all out to bring across the border. we had to make 2 different trips this year because we had 10,000 pieces to go through. Praise God. the reason to praise God is because last year on the cabi sales alone, 4 of our teens on campus had their school completely funded. This year we have twice as many pieces and i am praising God for what is to come. i know He continues to provide for the children here in Monterrey and i love seeing the unique way He does it. Thank you Carol Anderson and the way that you continue to be an advocate for Back2Back. not to mention with the cabi run to the border, i got Sonic and Target in one day. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.


At Casa Hogar Douglas there are between 70-85 kids right now. Mexico just celebrated Semana Santa. its alot like spring break but it lasts for 2 weeks. the kids are allowed to go home with their families if there is someone who wants to take them. there was only 35 kids still at douglas. these 3 girls, Monica, Tere, Lolita, are among the oldest that were still there. so me, hope,caroline, and kenzi thought it would be super fun for us to take them for a few days. we had so much fun. the first night i am pretty sure we watched all 3 high school musicals, ate a lot of pizza,cokes,cookies, and lots of Zac Efron. it was such a fun night. and they got to stay up later so we took them home around 10. then the next day we picked them up,took them to pollo loco, then took them to the riverwalk to walk around. it was crazy fun. i hope that these girls had a blast. i know we did. i also know they rarely get to do things like that because most of the time they are watching the kids. i was so glad we got to do these fun things with them. they are such blessings to our lives. and sometimes the older teens need to have just as much fun as the younger kids.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cuppies and Velasco's

Friday night, kenzi and i hung out with the girls that live in kelly and gabo velasco's house. we were so excited about this night because we decided to buy cupcake mix and take it over to their house along with a movie. since the new thing is cuppies and joes in oklahoma, we had cuppies and velasco's here. we had so much fun making the cupcakes. they were delicious. the movie we decided to bring was "one night with the king" based off of the book of Esther in the Bible. it was all of our first time to see it. what an emotional movie after studying it for 9 weeks and getting ready to start reading it through with the girls. the intensity of some words, such as, "if i perish, i perish" and "for such a time as this." at the end we were all in tears. i love when a bunch of girls get together and we can just be girls. this night was right before their spring break. it was a great time with them. more and more i am enjoying my time with them. what a blessing of living here on this property and allowing God to use me and kenzi in a very unexpected way.
please continue praying for the way we can and are influencing the girls when we are with them. they mean so much to us and we want to be good examples for them.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

3's about Me:

3's About Me:


* Becs
* Rebecca
* Becca


* Hostess
* Nanny


* Edmond, Ok
* Monterrey, Mexico (currently)
* i only have 2 places. boring. sorry


* Friends
* Alias
* Friday night lights


* Austin
* Ohio
* Chicago


* Supporters
* Staff that i work with
* My mom


* Louies chips and queso and fries
* Taco's Fede
* Ted's chips and salsa


* Hope Maglich
* Kenzi Couch
* Christi Donaldson

* Dr. Pepper from Tims in Bethany
* Seeing what is going to come with a certain special person in my life.
*Seeing Adelyn grow up and hanging out with cool aunt becca

I want to know your 3 things! Copy and paste this into your blog and erase my answers and add yours! Let me know you do it so I can read it!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

such a fun time

i had the greatest pleasure of being able to go home and finally meet Adelyn Ryan Taylor. i could not hold my emotions in when i first saw her and my best friend, Amanda. Adelyn is perfect in every way and Amanda could not have been doing any better. she was so excited that she is now a mom and she is constantly happy, which is really sweet to see.
i had such a great week with their family, with all the visitors that came over, with catching up with people (i didn't get to catch up with everyone i wanted because i wasn't home very long) but what a sweet time for visiting.
my main goal for going home was to be with Amanda and help her with things and also to hold addie pretty much the whole time. i got to spend some really sweet times with my friends. i got to celebrate Elizabeth's birthday with her which was very fun, and i got to have a mother/daughter day with my incredible mother.
if i really go into detail about my week i will start crying this very second. i have to be honest... for the first time in my life it was HARD to leave Oklahoma and come back to Mexico. so if you are reading this i ask for you to join me in prayer with my transition. although i had so much fun with a new born baby and some of my friends, God has called me here for a reason and i don't want to waste any moment of Him trying to show me something important. i have been having some sweet moments with the Lord since i have been back. thank you for joining me in prayer. Thank you God for this life you allow me to live. i am truly blessed by everyone in my life and what an encouragement to have such incredible best friends(you know who you are) THANK YOU GOD.