Friday, May 13, 2011

Introducing Casa Hogar Bethany!

Last wednesday we took our first group to a new casa hogar. Casa Hogar Bethany. It is about 45 minutes away from our property.
That morning was very emotional for me because i woke up having a message on facebook saying that my dad had a heart attack the night before. Talk about the most shock i could be in. I called my sister and she assured me that he was going to be fine. His Main Artery was 99% blocked. They had a stent put in! I was looking up plane tickets for the first flight home, BUT then i talked to him and he was making jokes and looked alright. I was assured it wasn't anything i should rush home for.
As you could imagine, i was super emotional this morning. But i was given the option of going out with the group or staying behind. I prayed about it and i really wanted to go to Bethany for the first time. And, if i would have stayed back all i would have been doing is worrying. So, i decided to go.
It ended up being a great day! We got a tour of the home. It was so fun to see all the new faces running around! I was in charge of the cleaning bathrooms crew. They did an incredible job. The bathrooms weren't in the best shape, but once they were finished with them, THEY LOOKED AWESOME!
I was able to talk with some of the older kids that lived there. It was a blast getting to know them. There are 20 kids in this home. The youngest boy is 4. And it is a pretty good mix of younger kids to older kids.
This day BACK2BACK WAS MAKING HISTORY! It was a great day to be apart of and it got my mind off worrying and thinking about home. That night we ate some Vita and then i was able to skype with my dad! Once again, PRAISE GOD FOR TECHNOLOGY!
Trusting God in Everything!
Now my dad is back at home resting. AND we are looking forward to taking more groups to CASA HOGAR Bethany!

My friend Elizabeth

After not seeing one of my friends, Elizabeth, for over a year, i was so excited to see her 2 different times within one month. Her and her husband Cole were in our wedding. I was a bridesmaid in their wedding as well. What an honor it was to have them by our sides on one of the most important days of our lives. The four of us have always had a blast together. Their friendships are those friendships that you cherish.
I was also able to see Elizabeth when she came down here on a group for a whole week. It was awesome knowing that i would be able to see her every day for one week.
Sometimes friendships are the one thing i miss being down here. People that just know you instead of having to start all over. So, when those people come to visit you treasure those moments because it is your little piece from home. Elizabeth and i have known each other since the summer of 2004, the first summer i came to be a nanny for the Cooper Family. We instantly bonded and became best friends. She was also moving to Oklahoma at the time to be closer to her boyfriend, now husband. So, it was perfect. God was preparing a friendship before we even knew it. We have spent 3 summers as nannies and interns together down here in Mexico. I remember late night swims with her, running from tarantulas with her, and learning about the journey that God had for us both. I remember our first real conversation being one of The Holy Spirit. We were sharing our past, present, and future with each other. She always thought Rodo would be in my future and she was correct : ) We have had more meaningful conversations than I could count.
Elizabeth is the type of friend everyone wants. She is sweet, funny, and the worlds best encourager. She is there for you when you need to cry, laugh, vent, or just to be there. She is awesome.
We recently found out that she is pregnant. Her and Cole are expecting their first child! I was floored when they told us. We are so excited for them and the new journey they are on. That is right, Elizabeth was here on a group when she was pregnant! She did such a great job of encouraging people, helping get water for everyone, painting outside (so she couldn't smell the fumes), and being careful, but not being helpless. I feel like some people would have taken that excuse to just be an observer for the week. But not Elizabeth. The saddest thing for her was that she wasn't able to do a Concrete pour. hehe. seriously.
I remember talking and dreaming with Elizabeth about being here with B2B one day! Seeing her here was just a reminder of how much she belongs in this line of work. I pray one day God will bring us in the same place to serve alongside each other and further the Kingdom! I love you Elizabeth!