Saturday, June 13, 2009


first week of summer is over. we had 4 groups, lots of projects, lots of prayers, and lots of watching God not only showing up but show off. What an incredible experience to be able to walk through peoples mission trips with them. Watching God move in mighty ways here reminds me everyday of His faithfulness. God is so good. I got the chance to debrief one of the 4 groups this past week and it was awesome. Seeing where people are at the beginning of their trip to the end is ridiculous in the sense of God moving in and through people. WOW. i really LOVE what i do here. Worship is another part of what happens in summer time. It has been emotional staring at God's beauty (the mountains, the children, etc) and worshiping Him. What an incredible God we serve. Every night for the next 8 weeks we will have consistent worship lead by my friend Craig Aven. He is very talented and the first night he got here and started singing my heart felt totally at peace. It has been a LONG road here not worshiping God in ENGLISH. So needless to say i am so thrilled to be able to worship my God in my first language.
I love summer because of all the neat people we get to meet. I love hearing people's stories and where they are in life. I think it is so interesting how God connects all of us for such a short time in such a sweet way. So many hearts coming in and out of our campus all being touched by God in a different way. it is such a reminder of the Body of Christ. All coming together, putting their differences aside, being united through Christ, and having fun while serving orphans.
But along with summer comes lots of not feeling rested. Right now i actually feel a little sick so please be praying for me. i leave for el limon tomorrow for a whole week and am super excited about it. But i am praying for healing and that i won't get worse, only better.
During this past week i got to lead a group on a cement project and it was super fun. they tore up the floor in the boy's dorm at MANANTIAL DE AMOR and then we did a big pour on it. So fun. We were dirty, sweaty, hot and making a difference. we got the whole floor finished and it was such a great work day.
Please be praying for summer. For rest, endurance, for God to move, beauty, BALANCE, and falling more and more in love with serving the orphan child.