Saturday, September 20, 2008

Teens and Stinters

these are all of the teens in our HOPE PROGRAM. they all live on campus. as you can possibly tell that there is never a dull moment with these sweet kids. each one of them has grown up in an orphanage and at 9th grade they get kicked out because they then have to start paying for school. so that is why the statistics show that 90% of orphans go into black market or prostitution. THAT IS WHERE BACK2BACK comes in. we realized there was a hope for tomorrow these kids needed to believe and break the past chains of cycling from being an orphan to becoming a mother and abandoning the child and creating more orphans. that is what the HOPE PROGRAM is all about. telling these teens that GOD has a perfect plan for them. He has ordained each and every one of their days before they came to be and He is NOT holding out on them.

please pray for these teens here on campus and also the house parents. MAY GOD RECEIVE ALL THE GLORY.

the STINT ACADAMY!!!!!! we are the 4 stinters this year. there is kenzi, jay, me, and caroline. working with these 3 is an absolute blast. we have fun doing many different projects as well as love getting to know more of eachother. it is a blessing for us all to be here together and sharing in this journey the Lord has us all on.

please continue to pray for our time here. for specific direction from the Lord.

OUR FIRST GROUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Family Christian Stores/James Fund was our first group this fall. it was a small group of 8 but the Lord fully knew what He was doing, while in our heads we felt like plan B had been taken within the first 2 days of them being here.

For me, these 8 people were a delight to serve with the whole week. None of them had ever been here before and it was so wonderful seeing their hearts and serving along side them. We worked at Rayitos de Luz and together built a fence, cleaned out and painted a room that will be turned into a school area for the children, mowed a whole lawn with a weed wacker, covered a bunch of potholes, that were full of water, with gravel to make the road better, and really loved on some kids. It was such a fun week with them. I feel like we accomplished alot of projects and got to see an end result of thankful children and the humbling thought of being Jesus' hands and feet.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Some of the many work projects i have done in the past weeks!!!!!

(left pic) we moved 20 bunk beds from 2 rooms to a little storage room. we took the beds apart and mattresses off and stacked as many as we could.

(right pic) painting doors in our (almost finished clinic) on campus.

These are some stinkin CUTE kids from Rayitos de Luz (little rays of light)! i very quickly fell in love with them!

I got the chance to go hiking up a mountain on my day off. As you can tell the BEAUTY of this place speaks for itself. I am always in awe of how beautiful things are here. God always makes his masterpieces and this is absolutely without a doubt one of them. This picture was taken almost all the way up. I could have sat here for hours.

We have many fun things to do around campus: this was at Perla's birthday party. she is one of the teens here on campus and is a part of the hope program. For her birthday she said she wanted everyone to wear costumes. so EVERYONE did. It was so much fun. Me, kenzi, caroline, and beth were all football fans. GO GATORS!!! (in honor of my roomate)

I am pretty sure these pictures speak for theme selves, but let me go into detail......

I have been working alot lately getting things ready for our first american group to arrive, trying to finish one of our newest house editions, and helping get the clinic close to done. we have been putting in light fixture covers on outlets, painting, putting in cabinets, tons of cleaning.
I was painting in the clinic the other day and it hit me..... as my arm and hand is getting so tired of going up and down i am realizing that people are going to be HEALED in this place. It was so clear to me at that moment that it doesn't matter what project i am heading up that day but that the Lord moves in miraculous ways here and i am now apart of it. I am helping get this place ready so people without much money are able to come and feel safe, loved, helped, and most of all HEALED. It was a pretty powerful moment for me. So many times we get so caught up in our complaining or grumpiness that we don't stop to realize the miracles that the Lord is doing ALL around us.

this casa hogar (childrens home) has about 20 kids in it. mostly younger kids. i had never been to this childrens home before. BUT THE NAME OF THE CHILDRENS HOME IS EXACTLY WHAT KIND OF KIDS ARE LIVING THERE. they were smiling so big that day. me, caroline, kenzi, katey, and antonio went and cleaned out some of their storage closets to provide more space for things. the kids were so eager to help us the whole time. i am now more in love with these sweet kids and have a special place for them in my heart. I can not WAIT to go love on them some more. (which will be next week) Every single one of them is a little ray of light.

God is moving big here. Everyday i am learning more and more about the TRUE GOD we serve. Trying to figure out how to love people (that speak a different language then me) the way Christ loves us, Praying that i never take any moment, project, relationship for granted, and getting alone with the Lord to get filled up by his sweet spirit. Although i miss home dearly i am feeling so free and complete at the same time.

prayer request would be:
1.) finding time to sit and rest in the Lord's presence.
2.) language
3.)to embrace EVERY moment.