Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Best Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet, incredible, wonderful friends. I had one of the best surprised of my life when my friend Sara came to Mexico. I knew Elizabeth and her husband were coming but i had no idea Sara was coming. Talk about emotions i didn't know how to control. i just screamed and started crying at the same time. and it was midnight when they got here so i am sure i woke everyone up. haha. Anyways, this past week was full of emotion, love, and great friendship. I can not express how much i loved working alongside some of my best friends. it is a feeling i can not even compare to anything else. we did alot of things while they were here. we got to install some clean water systems at the rios, we got to play with tons of kids, we got to go to a place called Kidzania with the kids of imperio de amor, and we did what we do best together which was my favorite.... holding babies and loving on people. they got to experience pollo loco and tacos fede within the same night. and we drank a lot of coca lights while they were here. Both of these girls have a passion for missions. Elizabeth and i actually met here in Mexico over 5 years ago. So this place has a very special place in her heart just as it does mine. i had forgotten what it felt like to serve with her because it had been over 2 years since she had been here. But it was just like i remembered like a fresh breathe of air in the midst of doing what pleases God. For Sara i simply loved that she got to experience my life here and what i do. she has heard me talk about it for so long and now she gets it. she is getting ready to move to Sleyvania. Moving to do missions. i am so excited for her and her big move. i am even more excited that i get to pray with her through the process of getting there. she is moving in may and will be there for 7 months. God is doing a work in both of these girls hearts and it was just amazing to sit and talk with them. the last night they were here we shared a whole bunch just about where God has us and where He is leading us. With that came an overflow of tears. it was seriously so fun to have them here i simply did not want them to leave. Serving with them was extremely moving to me and i wasn't ready for it to be over. Such a great week. Serving with the friends that have the same passion i do and are ready to take leaps to get where they need to be. it is an honor to be sharing this part my life with them. i love you girls so much! Thanks for a great week.

my friends: Stefen, Elizabeth, Cole, and Sara

such a fun week with them here. thank you all for serving the way you did. most of all, thanks for being great friends.

we were making pica dillo for an outreach that
day at the Caderyeta.


John and Corrie Guckenberger have been apart of back2back staff (in Mexico) for almost 4 years now. John has been apart of creating our New Property for the Hope Program and the Clinic. Corrie has been involved with helping bring the market to our American groups that come visit. Corrie has been a huge part of my experience here in Mexico. Since i moved here we have been meeting regularly for accountability, prayer, and fellowship. I truly admire the woman of God that Corrie is. She has so much wisdom in so many things and she was able to shed a little bit of it in to my life. I have been so thankful for the friendship i have with this family. They have 3 kids sarah, gus, and sammy. After much prayer and guidance they have packed up and have started the process of moving to Africa for the property that has just been purchased in Nigera for Back2Back. With the talent the Lord has given to John, from taking nothing and making it something truly amazing, i can only imagine how many lives they are going to be touching there. Although the whole staff here is super sad they have left, we are all so excited for their new journey. We wish you much luck in Africa. We all already miss your whole family so much. Thanks for all the ways you have added to my life. Love you guys. We are all praying for you.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Katie and Jed

married December 31st 2008

My sweet friend/ sister got married on new years eve. It was a beautiful wedding. Everything was perfect and i have never seen katie so happy as long as i have known her. She was stunning and radiant. knowing that Jed is the perfect man for her, it was a perfect way to bring in the new year. Tons of reuniting with people and supporters. Got to stay with one of my good friends abby. thanks again abby for all the fun and everything you did for me while i was there. YOU ALL ARE A BLESSING. hope you enjoyed the pics that are above.



Jordan and i took amanda out to cheeseburger and paradise for a birthday dinner.

i am totally 100% obsessed with her belly. Adelyn i know is going to be the most perfect child ever. i can't wait to hold her. i think the hardest thing while i was home was knowing that after i leave the next time i see my best friend is going to be her being a mother. CRAZY. i didn't want to leave amanda. cause i just love you so gosh darn much. haha

My best friend in the whole intire world had her 24th birhtday while i was home. I am so glad that i got to be there for it. She is pregnant and can't paint because of the fumes so lauren and i, for her birthday present, painted her nursery for her. So fun and cute. Loved the color.

happy birthday to the worlds best friend i could have ever asked for.


All my best friends picked me up from the airport. i could not have been happier. it was such a good time seeing them and catching up on life. it was like i had never been gone. Praise GOD for incredible friends that i get to share my life with. I love all you girls so much. Thank you for the encouragement and beauty that you each display in my life in such a unique way. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

i made these super fun aprons as gifts for Christmas. My sister, mom, and i modeled them. They were super impressed that i made them. haha. they couldn't believe it.

Christmas 2008 was great. i got to come home and spend it with my family and friends. My sister and her husband came over and we played games, watched justin timberlake, and ate a whole bunch of the awesome turkey that my dad makes every year. it was so fun. Good to be home and refreshed and catching up with everyone. i love my family and am very thankful for them. My sweet mom had some of my favorite meals cooked for me while i was home along with a bunch of dr. pepper. haha. it was a great Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well. I hope it was as good a time with family and friends as mine was.