Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mark and Kenzi Fogleman

On August 4th, our two friends, Mark and Kenzi ,
said I DO! We had the privilege of being able to be there for their big day! We have been friends with Kenzi for a very long time and I had the honor of standing next to her during the biggest moment of her life. So glad we were able to make it and be around some great friends that we know and love for a week! 

Congrats Mark and Kenzi Fogleman! We pray blessings over  your new life together! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Summer

I can't believe Mazatlan had our very 1st summer! 

3 groups, cement work, games with kids, Worship, 4th of July Cookout, finished the play set area at Salvation Army, Continued on the wall out at Rancho, debriefing, growing in Community, had an incredible night of Extended Worship, shopping, Beach Field trips with kids, Water Park field trips with kids, Yummy Dinners, Taco Bar, Quiet times, small groups, digging trenches, digging holes, welding, staff, summer staff, interns... 

Those are the things i think of when thinking of a Back2Back summer:) Mazatlan groups did all of things above for the 3 weeks that we had groups. Adam Gellenbeck (running the cement mixer in picture above) was our summer staffer for 2 weeks. We also were privileged to have an intern Jozilyn with us for the month of July. Our Friend Jerrod, even stayed with us an extra week to help finish up some of the welding projects. Even after the groups left, we continued working on the projects out at the homes to try and complete them! 

It was a fun filled summer that God continued showing off for us:) 

My favorite moment of all the weeks was extended worship. Now, so far our groups have not had worship unless someone in their group can play or sing. Rodo and I are not gifted in either of those areas:( So, with one of the weeks they brought our friend Jason. He led worship every night and was perfect with letting the Spirit lead. 
Because we had such a gifted worship leader for the week, we asked if he would be interested in helping us with extended worship... 

(Back 2 summers ago, Our campus in Monterrey had a lot of Healing going on. So, we offered up the freedom for anyone to come and ask for prayer that wanted or needed it. Our worship leader would rely on the Jesus to lead the night. We also would have communion set up for whoever wanted to partake in it. Nobody pressured, everyone free to do as they please)

So, Jason led us in Worship for the evening and Todd Guckenberger (who was here helping us with one of our bigger weeks) and I stood in the back and prayed over people the entire night. We had communion going on, worship, and prayer. 

That night made me really miss living in a community. Rodolfo and i have been on our own now for six months and in that moment of extended worship I was renewed and encouraged by praying for other people. Energized to a new level! 

Thank you Jesus for Your restoration and faithfulness. You know what we need, when we need it. 

Thank you groups for all the hard work, time, and energy you spent here in Mazatlan.