Monday, February 22, 2010

Worship night at Cadereyta

Cadereyta is one of our impoverished areas that we serve alongside. Most of the people that are there have been moved and placed by the government to live there.
February 21st was not only Julie Cooper's birthday but it was also a concert night for Cadereyta. This fall at a youth retreat some Back2Back members started a band with some other friends of theirs. Their name you ask me... 20 CENTAVOS! it is worship music but they can TOTALLY rock out.
Last night i was really debating on going or not. But then came to the conclusion that i would go because i wanted to spend some time with my friend Julie (it was her birthday) and i had not been to Cadereyta in a while so i thought, why not?
i went and it ended up being a great night. Worshiping and Experiencing God with the people from the Cadereyta was awesome. The Lord's presence was there and some really cute kids were on their faces crying out to their God. I had the privlage of praying with some of them. Praying hope and a bright future in the midst of where they live. And for them to be a light where the darkness is. Praying over Pastor Jose Angel and his wife was a great moment. We also had a group with us and seeing them engage was really cool.
God has big things in store for those people. He is already moving in them. A while back a men's group was here and they took some men of the Cadereyta fishing. During the ministry time there, if i remember correctly, around 10 men came to know Christ that night. I am certain they were the same men that were jumping up praising God last night.
Please continue to pray for the Cadereyta. A time to Celebrate is now! and that is EXACTLY what we did last night.

i am kind of obsessed with taking videos now to help you all feel like you really know what i am talking about. So if you would like to see a glimpse of 20 CENTAVOS and the worship night, click here! ENJOY

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This is Hannah Fay. Her and her husband, Darren Fay, are New Staff here in Monterrey with us. I met Darren probably around 4 years ago. I remember him talking about his incredible girlfriend. Then the next year it was his incredible Fiance. Now it is his incredible wife. Hannah is pretty much my long lost sister. We have similar personalities and lets just say we really like hanging out with each other. God has been building our relationship in such sweet way through accountability. It makes me miss Amanda BIG TIME. But me realizing i need accountability every week, and God meeting that need through Hannah has been great. We are in seasons of allowing God to take total control in both of our lives and to get rid of any filth that is there. Along with standing firm in what is to come with the ministry of Back2Back. Her and her Husband were along for the ride when we went to El Limon.

The first week in February we took FCS/JAMES FUND to El Limon. If you don't remember my earlier blog, El Limon is the Children's home that we serve alongside and is 6 hours away. Every person in the group besides 2 had been on a mission trip here to Mexico before. My favorite thing about taking groups to El Limon is when we leave none of us know each other very well. But then when we return from there, we are like a little family. The depth that happens in that Children's Home is unreal. And i know for a fact that it is because of the Lord's Presence that dwells so much through that home and the people that live there.

i do have to be honest with where my heart is right now. Being at El Limon life is simple. El Limon is my place of Simplicity. Every time i go there i have such peace and everything is easy. And loving the Lord and serving are my only 2 responsibilities. It reminds me of my first mission trip here. so basically it is also a place to retreat with the Lord.
Well, on my way home that week just kinda debriefing in my mind about the week and everything. then the second i got home (to back2back) my heart went to a place of chaos you could say. i felt sick and still do to this day, i didn't feel rested and my heart wasn't at peace. Since i had felt like this, God has been bringing lots of things to the surface for me to deal with and lets just say it is super hard. i feel really heavy, spiritually speaking. and on top of that, trusting the Lord with finances is just another weight there that wasn't before. I know GOD PROVIDES all things. He has in the past so why wouldn't He now?
if you are reading this, i ask that you would pray alongside me and help fight for me Spiritually. God has big things in store for me this year. I don't want my stupid selfishness to get in the way. Please be praying for me and all my ministry areas. It is a pleasure to know that i have brothers and sisters in Christ like you all to help. THANK YOU!!!!