Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Girls Bible Study

Girls Bible Study-
Kenzi Couch and i have started doing a Bible Study with the girls of the Esperanza(hope) house which is apart of our hope program. for the past couple months we have been meeting once a week or more just to hang out and build our relationships with these sweet girls. each one of them is very unique and very different from eachother. over the past few months, kenzi and i have felt closer to them and are very excited about the opportunity that has come to start teaching them about who Jesus Christ is. Their lives right now are full of many things. many thoughts and many questions, i am sure, are going through their heads. that is where Kenzi and i come in. we want to encourage them, love them, and most of all be able to express that God loves them and has an incredible plan for their lives. We already love them so much i can't even
imagine how much more we will as we get to know them deeper.
the cool thing about God is i already know His hand is in this. The other day we asked the girls what they wanted to study out of the Bible. they said they wanted to study a book of the Bible. we said "okay, what book" and they all said "Esther". Kenzi and i for the past 7 weeks have been doing an in depth study on Esther by Beth Moore. and not only is that the Lords hand. I have found out that before Esther was Queen, she was an orphan. there is no mistake that these girls want to study Esther. i am so excited for this opportunity. I would love if you all would be praying for our time together, it is much needed.
Please be praying for :
*the girls: yessica, alejandra, alejandra (2), katya, perla, sandy
*language barriers (kenzi and i to be able to translate everything)
*trust among all of us
*just to enjoy eachother as sisters of Christ

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Meeting needs!!!!!!!

Imperio De Amor-
i have posted blogs in the past of how much this home has stolen my heart in so many ways. God is moving in the Casa Hogar like i have never seen. He is showing these children that through the Body of Christ HE will provide and take care of everything they need. There have been some very generous people that have also been touched by these children and the facility they live in. helping provide needs for these kids and showing them love at the same time. This home recently got a donation for new comforters. so some of us went downtown bought 25 comforters for the boys dorms. THEY ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEM. as soon as we got there they tore off their old sheets and put their new comforters on along with their new pillow case and new pillow. as you can see in these pictures they were so happy. they kept saying " muchos gracias" or some of them like to speak spanglish and they said " muchos thank you." it was such a fun day. part of me feels a bit guilty that i get to deliver these things and see how much the kids love them and that other people have donated the money to them and they thank me. but we are very clear to tell them that it is ULTIMATELY THE LORD WHO IS PROVIDING FOR THEM SO THANK HIM. God is so good and faithful. Praise God for all you supporters out there making a difference in each of the children's lives. i am so thankful for you and i know the children are as well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Meet Yasmine

This sweet lady is 19 years old and now holds a special place in my heart. i met her about 3 weeks ago but just now had time to sit and update my blog on her. i met her in a squatter village that we serve alongside here called RIO 3. This particular day i was not in charge of a work project but me and my good friend Emilee Banks were in charge of getting every name, shoe size, t-shirt size, and age of every child that we serve in this particular area. We talked to over 10o kids and mothers on this day. It was alot of spanish. All of the sudden we realize that Yasmine was hanging around our table all day long. with her baby. so we invited her to sit and started asking questions about her life. it took a while to get a little deeper but oh my goodness how the Lord is using her. she is a 19 year old mother of 2 1/2 kids. she is pregnant with her 3rd. 19 years old. i can't even imagine that. Then she started sharing her testimony and her life with the Lord now. her testimony is incredible and God has delivered her from all sorts of things and addictions. Emilee and I both left this conversation just in awe of how God is working in that place in the Rio. There is no mistake that we talked to her that day. We had the privilege of praying with her before we left. There is no doubt in my mind that she is a warrior princess fighting even to survive with her husband (who is not a believer) and her 2 almost 3 kids. She is a testimony not only to what God is doing in her life but to all of us. It seriously was an incredible day of just knowing that God's presence is near and it was so sweet. I ask that you would come along side me in praying for her and specifically her family. Pray that her husband will see joy, truth, and a light through her and that he would taste the Lord's goodness. Pray for her pregnancy that she gets enough nourishment for her baby to grow and be healthy. Pray for her relationship with the Lord to continue to be strong. Thank you for standing firm with me in fighting for the lives of the people living here in Monterrey, Mexico.

Birthday FUN

Tere's birthday was on February 1st and Hope (my roomates) birthday was on Feb. 2nd. we had such a fun time. i made lasagna, salad, and bread for about 12 people. all of us got together and played fun question games and ate a whole bunch. and we had some funfetti cupcakes. I LOVE MY FRIENDS HERE. they are so special to me.
The cooper family is very dear to my heart. they are the family that i have nannied for, for the past 5 summers. Corinna turned 9. i started babysitting for her when she was 4. I can't believe she is already 9. that means i am getting older too. CRAZY. there was a princess party at her house with lots of food, coke, snacks, dance parties, and fun games. Everyone dressed up like a princess. So much fun. Happy Birthday Corinna. You are a blessing to my life.