Thursday, July 2, 2009

SUMMER is half way over

i can't believe summer is half way over. we have been going full force for a month now. it has been incredible. seeing peoples lives changed, watching the American's interact with the kids, hanging out with interns and nannies, going to lots of staff meetings, sorting through millions of donations. i could go on and on. i am having a blast. everyday i meet someone who wants to hear my story of how i got here. and everyday i am reminded of the people who helped me get here. i am so grateful for all the things people have done for me. it has helped me enjoy the beauty of being where God really wants me. i have seen God move in more ways this year than before. and everyday i get to wake up and love on orphans. I love meeting new people. i love listening to their stories. i love helping them learn how to accomplish new tasks. I love staring at beautiful mountains. it is only a glimpse of who God is. i love worshiping Him everynight. i love taking new adventures and learning how to be flexible here in Mexico (Flexico). All in all being on staff in summer can take a toll on health, alone time, and feeling connected. Please pray for me as i continue to make it through July. Pray for me to have wonderful quiet times and to rest in the Presence of the Lord. Pray for me to be filled up. Pray for preparation for when i come home in the summer and do a fundraiser. Pray for me to finish the summer strong instead of worn out. Thank you again for all of you who have helped me get here and do what i love doing. Please continue to pray for me throughout the summer.

" We pray that you'll have the strength to stick it out over the long haul-not the grim strength of gritting your teeth but the glory strength God gives. It is the strength that endures the unedurable and spills over into joy.

Betesda kitchen!!!!!!

I remember going to Betesda looking at their house and seeing things so neat and nice. The children were well behaved and they all call the Americans 'TIA' which means aunt. i remember sitting down with the director of Betesda and her saying that someone had just told them they had to be out of the house they were living in before the week was over. i thought to myself, who in the world kicks 17 orphans out on the street? the rent kept going up and they were not able to pay it anymore. so the director and the kids walked a couple of blocks and saw a beautiful white castle (not kidding). they asked about rent there and it was still too expensive. so the director asked the children if they wanted to live there. they all said yes. so they got down and prayed and claimed in Jesus name for that house to be theirs. well a couple days later, a person called them back telling them they would lower the rent and they could move in as soon as they wanted.
i cannot even imagine how blessed those kids and directors felt. kneeling before God brings BIG results. even a castle to a bunch of orphan children. The children are not only learning to depend on God for things but also to allow God to move in mighty ways.
So.. the only thing that was not so great about this castle is there was no kitchen. i mean literally no kitchen what so ever. they had a sink and that was it. So through resources and lots of prayer, God has rebuilt a brand new kitchen for their beautiful castle. Thank you for all of you who has helped make this possible. They are truly blessed and we get to see the beauty of answered prayers from your help. THANK YOU!