Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LELA Donation

Results from a fun date night turned into L.E.L.A. (which stands for Lead. Encourage. Live. 
Act.) donating towards Back2Back Mazatlan in the month of June. 

Rodolfo and I met up with the dancing chefs from Salsa and Salsa Mazatlan last week.  And they presented us with a check from L.E.L.A.  The money that L.E.L.A. raised is being used towards the wall that we are building out at Rancho de Los Ninos, for the kids protection and security! 

From Mazatlan, Cabo, and Cozumel, L.E.L.A. collected $905 Dollars in the month of june for the wall:) 

We were thrilled that they chose us, as a cause, to donate towards. And we like to consider the dancing chefs friends now:)  We sat and talked for a good couple of hours. Gave them a Back2Back Magazine and thanked them for their contribution! 

Thanks again Salsa and Salsa.