Sunday, January 24, 2010


Alza el Vuelo meaning "take flight" was the theme for the retreat for our Jovens this past weekend. I am having a hard time to know where to start because i just loved this weekend. There were 2 speakers. One spoke on Friday and one on Saturday. We had AWESOME WORSHIP both nights and then on Saturday we had a concert and worship.
Some of our staff have been on our faces before the Lord praying for this weekend allowing God to move in whatever ways He wanted or needed to. The first night, the speaker had kids come up to the altar if they wanted prayer. SO MANY TEENS WENT UP THERE. i was in awe. So i got to go up and pray for some of our teens and i felt the Lord breaking their chains of bondage in that moment. What a cool experience. The next night was more of a ministry time and even MORE of our teens were up in front. Seeing them literally crying out to God is just a glimpse He is giving us, as staff, to not give up praying for them. He is always moving and it is a result of obedience from us on our faces for our youth that we so desperately want to see them know Christ personally. Worshiping our God, seeing Him touch His sweet children, and seeing them being ministered to in such a cool way was the cherry on top for this weekend. And the best part is, some of our staff got to experience it along with them. We were there physically praying for them and over them. Like i have said before GOD is moving in our teens. Please continue to pray for them and their relationships with the Lord. Pray that it wouldn't be a "camp high" from this weekend but that they would continue to feel the Lord's Spirit inside them who is alive and wanting to move in and through them.

So after the first night i was beginning to think if this conference/ retreat was for the jovens or for ME!!! i have to be honest with you all for a minute. i was feeling REALLY discouraged on friday afternoon before we went. Just feeling the weight of alot of things on my shoulders. i tried calling my best friend and no answer. i just felt like i REALLY needed someone praying over me in that moment. to the point where i almost just wanted to cry. So i just spent time resting in the Lord before i went on with the night. then i went to this conference, kinda worried about all the spanish that is gonna go on and not understanding all of it. Worship started, and it was songs i knew and loved. then some songs came that i didn't know but i just couldn't stop worshiping God. it was crazy i have NEVER really been able to sing a new song i didn't know (in spanish) and understand it. well the rest of the time was songs i didn't know but oh my word did the Spirit of God allow me to understand what i was praising Him for. And now i am officially obsessed with all the songs we sang. i have already downloaded them and it is constantly on in my room. SORRY ROOMATES!!!! That worship was probably the most amazing worship service i have EVER been in. Feeling the presence of the Lord. Not stopping because it was time for the speaker to talk. Just being in the presence of the Lord and allowing Him to do His thing. Something happened in me while i was worshiping. Freedom came. I believe as i was jumping for Jesus in my worship to HIM, He allowed all that weight to just roll off of me. And He began filling me up with more of Him in that moment. Keep in mind, i was jumping till around 11:30pm. I walked into that place with a weight on my shoulders and i walked out like a duck flying circles in the air,(that is what the speaker spoke about the first night). But seriously, i left that place feeling so FREE, SECURE in who i am in Him, and a having PEACE in the Lord. Not to mention that both nights, i understood what each speaker spoke about. i don't even get that every Sunday at my church. Everything was the Lord. I recognize it, I see it, and I feel it. i came back Friday night as a free woman who did not want to stop worshiping the Lord. I couldn't go to sleep so i just had such a sweet conversation with our Savior. Thanking Him for the freedom i have through Him.

i got a little glimpse of worship the second night. it is a song written by the man who spoke, David, and it is called Tengo Sed! ( i am thirsty)
if you would like to check out the INCREDIBLE worship, click here

Monday, January 18, 2010


IT'S 2010!

egyptian ratscrew, nerts, speed, kings in the corner, and trying to invent our own card game called becsanda 0r amanecca.
You know New Years Rockin Eve and Justin Beiber was apart of bringing in the New Year!
Triple Yahtzee, scattergories, boggle, and words with friends. And pretty much any other game you could possibly think of i am pretty sure we played it.
Bringing in the New Year with a Yummy breakfast. I got a little carried away with the ketchup. Eggs (without nutmeg colby), strawberries and biscuits, and sausage. YUMMY! thanks amanda!
Blessed by some little ones.

Sheri Yates is one of the most incredible people i have ever known. the thing that draws me to her is her confidence in Christ and that No matter what she only speaks truth into peoples lives. When i grow up i wanna be like her. I call her my Beth Moore in Edmond.

The three girls in the picture above are her daughters. i am sure when they grow up they wanna be like their mama too. I am always amazed when i hear her children speak. They are so excited about the power and authority they have through their King. oh yes i know what you are thinking aren't they really young? Yes they are, but they have no problem letting you know that their hope and trust is in the Lord.
i had the privilege of going to lunch with them and hearing all about their lives and their New Years Resolutions. Spencer (the oldest) continues to amaze me. Not only does she want to learn Spanish (which i am pumped about) and Chinese (holy cow how hard) but she said her New Years Resolution is to tell 1 person each day about Jesus Christ. What 10 year old says that? then i asked her if she had already started and she said she was 20 days ahead. I WAS IN SHOCK. Sheri continues to tell me Spencer has a heart for orphans. She kept saying her kids had a surprise for me. while we were eating Spencer tells me that they did something on behalf of the orphan child. so i was interested to hear. she then explains that they wanted to help out and give money to help orphans. They went around asked for donations, helped clean houses, and sold homemade soap to raise money. Then her sweet little hand reached over and handed me a check. i pretty much was trying to hold back the tears. Their donation on behalf of the orphan child was probably the sweetest most innocent donation i have ever seen or heard of. i am so thankful for the friendship i have with their mother and my developing friendship with her children.
Sheri, thank you for being such an example in my life. You have added so much. Looking at you and your family is an honor and i am blessed to know you ALL. Thank you for your continued support and love you ALWAYS give me when i am home and when i am in Mexico.
Blessings to your entire family as you continue to spread the Gospel to all people.

2010 is going to be a big year. I believe God has a lot in store for us here Monterrey, Mexico and for you also. our personal goal here as staff is to see 10 jovens (teens) come to know the Lord. God is moving and we are witnessing a revival with our teens on the property. This weekend we are going to a youth conference with all of them and are praying for all their eyes to see and comprehend, for their ears to open and for them to understand, and for them to be touched by the power of Christ. Please pray along with us as we have a great weekend investing in our teens.


my incredible friends, Elizabeth (liza) and Lauren (Lo). I got to spend some time with these girls and as always we have so much fun together. Elizabeth and her husband Cole just moved to Ohio right before i got home. i was super sad i wouldn't be able to see them. But it turns out we did get to see eachother. Oklahoma State Football was playing in a bowl and they came back for it. Just so happened to be the same time i was home. Praise God. So New Years Eve, Cole, Elizabeth, Lauren, Michael, and I all went to eat at our favorite mexican restaurant TEDS. It felt just like old times. These girls are just incredible and God is moving so evidently in both of there lives right now. Blessing them, changing them, and being the incredible God he is to them. I love both of you girls so much. You both hold such a sweet place in my heart. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!
Sweet Addie. I love her so much! It was so fun to see how big she has gotten and how smart she is. I got to babysit her one day and it was so fun just having Aunt Becca/Adelyn time.
Sara and i got to celebrate Amanda's 25th birthday on December 27th. We woke up and surprised her with a best friend breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. So Yummy. it reminded me of all our fun times at my lake house. Man i miss those days. Now we are older, i don't live in the USA anymore, Amanda is pregnant with baby #2, and Sara is on adventures all the time. But still the Lord allows us to remain such sweet friends no matter what season or country we are in. THAT IS TRUE FRIENDSHIP!
WE HAD A SNOW STORM!!!! I was in HEAVEN. the fact that we had a white Christmas was the cherry on top for my time home. and it was a record for Oklahoma. Sitting by my parents fireplace, watching Christmas movies, playing games, and enjoying time with family was so fun. We had a wonderful Christmas at my parents house. Me and my sister are getting very creative with our gifts. i made my sister some headbands and i made my mom some homemade soap. This Christmas was fun and special for me. i really enjoyed my time home. Most times i have been back in the states i am stressed out about fundraising or other things but this time i realized i am too blessed to be stressed and just took my time and hung out with family and some friends. IT WAS PERFECT.
Adelyn and i at Chicasha Lights. Because i have not been here in like 3 years i was really ready to see some good Christmas lights. Amanda and Colby blessed me so much by taking me to the one thing i really wanted to do while i was home. And adelyn was along for the ride. While we were there i ran into one of my best guy friends Brett which was so random and wonderful all at the same time. so we all hung out for the rest of our time there enjoying the lights, drinking hot cocoa, and wondering why in the world they sold frozen pickle juice. THANK YOU AMANDA AND COLBY again for taking me to see the lights. i am blessed by you all.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The best present EVER!!!!!

The BEST part of being home for Christmas was my best friend, Amanda, telling me she was pregnant with baby number 2. that is right. Baby number 2 is on its way. Adelyn and the other baby will be around 16 months apart. right when i got home after a hard summer. Amanda picked me up from the airport, Surprised me with Sara, and we headed back to Amanda's house. Amanda had 6 presents for me to open as a welcome home gift. Present #1... salsa.. we always eat chips and salsa when we are together. Present #2... a happy birthday card... i was very interested in why i opened this because it was not my birthday. but then i thought amanda got me a card to give to her for her birthday which was on December 27th. Present #3... Ice Cream... i was thinking, okay i like ice cream. Present #4... Pickles... by this time i am realizing that pickles and ice cream is a great combination when you are pregnant. My eyes are very wide by this time. Present #5... Prego sauce... Pretty much screaming by this point. Present #6... A Big Sister book... Sara and i both were screaming and jumping on amanda. We were screaming so loud and crying and jumping, Adelyn woke up and i felt bad but i hadn't seen her in 5 months. so of course i wanted to hold her and put her back to sleep. But the funniest thing is... before i said anything to amanda after she told us she was pregnant, i asked her if i could have adelyn. WHO SAYS THAT? hahah. After i opened all the presents Amanda told me that the next baby was due July 30th. Which is my birthday.. hints the happy birthday card. We had so much fun hanging out, being best friends, and playing nerts every day until i left. Not to mention pretty much everyday going to sonic for some cherry vanilla dr. peppers, taco bell for a cheesy gordita crunch, or taco bueno for some mexi dips and chips. Such a fat joke but so worth it.
Amanda means so much to me. Another pregnancy and i am in Mexico. i can't believe it. But, I am so excited for Colby, Amanda, and Adelyn. As their family grows i know God continues to work among all of them. It is still sad for me to be away but if i can go through the first baby being born and living in Mexico i kinda feel like i can conquer ANYTHING. I am so excited for Adelyn to be a big sister. She is going to be the BEST BIG SISTER EVER!!!! unless she comes to live with aunt becca in Mexico. hehe.
I already miss these girls so much. Sleepovers, games, and fun. they are the most incredible women i know. thank you both for being such big role models for my life. thank you for praying and challenging me in my walk with Christ the way you do. I love you girls so much. Amanda, praying for you so much and your pregnancy. God is creating yet another perfect child inside you and i am still praying with you every single step of the way. Sara, i am praying for transitions for you. As you just got back from Slovenia, getting settled in, and now on another adventure. i am so proud of you and who you have become. Thank you for all the late night talks. I love you and am praying for you!

Friday, January 1, 2010

beautiful princesses and a beautiful night

In December, we had 3 girls that all turned 15. In Mexico, when a girl turns 15 they throw a HUGE party called a Quincenera! These 3 girls are from Casa Hogar Manantial de Amor and they decided to all share their birthday party and have one really huge party. Thanks to the womens group for their support, we were able to eat at an incredible restaraunt and have the whole room to ourselves. it was such a fun night filled with BEAUTIFUL PRINCESSES, a ceremony officiated by their "father", good food, lots of dancing, clowns, and more dancing.
One week before their Quincenera they asked me to choreograph a dance for them. Well the only day i had available was a Sunday and their party was on Thursday. For those of you that know me, i was so excited to do this. So of course i said yes even though they had never been to a dance class before. They only had one day to learn and practice it. It was crazy. Needless to say the day of their Quincenera they had it down perfect. Then right before they went on they said "OH NO BECCA I AM SO NERVOUS I DON'T REMEMBER THE STEPS TO THE DANCE." i told them it would be okay. and thanks to my friend Caroline Burns i got the dance on Video.

If you would like to check the dance out, click here!