Thursday, March 19, 2009

Adelyn Ryan Taylor

I can not even believe that the day of March 16 (monday) Adelyn Ryan Taylor was born. As i have posted in previous posts my best friend, Amanda, is pregnant. well she was pregnant. I cannot even believe that she is now a mother of a beautiful, perfect little girl. words cannot describe how extremely proud of her i am.
here is how March 16th went down in the world of Becca-
i got up really early because i had a full day of work ahead of me here in Mexico. After my 8:00 stand up meeting i came in and checked my facebook. this feeling came over me that i can't even express, i knew i would have something from Amanda this morning. Sure enough i had an inbox from Amanda and Colby telling me that she was at the hospital and is in labor. she has been there since 1:30 that morning. so.. i immediately break down into tears because i am so excited for them. i call Amanda. we talk for a good 30 minutes going over prayer requests, talking about how everything has happened so far, and etc... this morning was a very emotional morning for me. i know it isn't about me and this is her life but you all have to understand something. Amanda and I have been best friends for almost 10 years. we have grown up together, we have shared so many tears, laughs, memories together. we have been there for each other for EVERY SINGLE IMPORTANT THING THAT HAS HAPPENED IN OUR LIVES. and now I am a country away not being able to see basically my niece when she is born. oh the emotions were really heavy. A certain person very close to me here was so great throughout these emotions this morning. Then after I calm down, I remember it is my sister, Sarah's, birthday. so I call her and say happy birthday and tell her Amanda was in labor. she was super excited for her and we talked for a bit. it was great. i love my sister. but that is another blog. anyways, so I start to realize that I am going away all day and would not be able to know if she had the baby till I get back with the group around 6pm here. I was super sad. Matt and Julie Cooper gave me their international phone so they would be able to call me if Amanda had Adelyn. I was feeling way better by this time. the emotions calmed down and my excitement was growing by the minute.
So i was at Imperio De Amor all day long and really just praying for Amanda the whole time. then i get a call from my sweet friend sara, telling me amanda was getting ready to push. we were on our way home from Imperio and it takes about an hour. when i didn't get a call back saying she was born i started to panic. so i called sara, and while we were on the phone, through the door i heard little adelyn being born. i once again immediately started crying in amazement of how awesome our God is. I was staring at the mountains here in Mexico and seeing such beautiful creation, while my best friend was experiencing a different kind of creation and wonderment. though we are countries apart i was so thankful to be on the phone when she was born. Then i got to talk to Amanda afterwards and i just kept saying i was so proud of her. she did it. she now has a beautiful, perfect daughter. then later that night i got to meet little Adelyn through skype. Praise God for technology these days and the way we can stay connected through such a HUGE time in Amanda and Colby's life. i just could not take my eyes off of Adelyn. she is seriously so cute and a perfect looking new born. and AMANDA HAD MAKE UP ON. haha i was so proud of her, she looked so radiant and was so excited.
Although it was so hard not to be there i have seen Adelyn and Amanda every day since she was born through skype and i can not wait for the day to come when i get to hold her. i am seriously in a state of praising God for answering every single one of Amanda's prayer requests through this time of transition and thanking Him for the communication we have had. i have very much felt so loved through this time. just with the phone calls, skypes, and most of all through all my friends.
Elizabeth, Lauren, and Sara, i cannot thank you enough for helping Amanda and Colby (and Addie) through everything. Thank you for your continued support and help you are lending to them. thank you for sending me pictures, talking to me, calling me when she was getting ready to deliver, calling me during, calling me after, skyping with me, holding the computer so i could see every inch of sweet Addie, and thank you for all the meals, time, and friendship you have given to our sweet friends. i am so blessed to have such AMAZING best friends like you all. and you make my heart more at ease knowing that you all are there helping and taking care of everything. I LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH. what on earth would i do without you?
Amanda, once again i am so proud of you. this next stage of motherhood is coming so natural to you already and i am so excited for you and Colby. please know i am still praying next to you every step of the way. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY. You are the worlds bestest friend. God was so incredibly kind to me when He brought you in my life. I LOVE YOU SISTER. Can't wait to hold my niece. can't wait for all the road trips singing "captured" with Addie. haha what a great addition to our friendship. you are the best. thank you for making me feel apart of this even though i am so far away. Praying blessing daily for you my sweet friend and for your sweet daughter. I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Kenzi and i just finished the Beth Moore study on Esther "it's tough being a woman." for the past 9 weeks we have been meeting together and really enjoying our study. I am so sad it is over. i feel like we both have learned so much from this study.
The very first thing that struck me was learning that by Mordecai (Esther's cousin) raising her up into a young lady, meant that Esther was an orphan. for those of you that do not know i work with orphans every single day. What a blessing it is was to study this in depth on an orphan jewish girl who was crowned Queen.
Another fun adventure with studying this book of the Bible was realizing Mordecai's words to Queen Esther " And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14. this verse has made me think so much about my life and where i am. God is calling all of us to something He has set aside just for us and when we rise the the occasion He is standing there saying This is what i have created you for, for such a time as this. living in Mexico working with orphans and the beautiful people in the rio's it is a daily reminder of where i am standing with the Lord. and the thing about it, is not all of it is beautiful, some moments are still so hard in remembering why you are where you are. but when you do remember, it is so sweet. It took Esther 3 days of fasting and praying before she could go before King Xerxes. and her powerful words.. " if i perish, i perish." standing up for what you believe in and who you love is a powerful thing.
This book of the Bible is all about having the tables turned. God turning mourning into happiness, fasting into feasting, weeping into gladness, and wailing into joy. God is a faithful God and He will turn every negative situation into a positive somehow and someway, we just have to be patient enough and calm enough to recognize what He is doing. Nothing is of Coincidence. God's timing in everything is perfected everytime. I could go on and on over the things i have learned through this study. learning about Haman and his evil presence made a lot of personal things up in my own life that i thought i had dealt with a very long time ago. through this study i realize i need to be HEALED BY GOD and not just try and fix the things on my own. so on a personal note this study has helped me in areas i wasn't even expecting. Praise God!!!!! i am going to leave you with some words out the last video of this study. I found it moving. I want to have courage and faith the way QUEEN ESTHER did.
" A little orphan girl whos hidden beauty turned out to be incurruptable courage. and I am a girl child called up to be a Warrior Princess of God in her own difficult environment."

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sweet Best Friend, Amanda Taylor

Many of you know that my best friend, Amanda Taylor is pregnant. She is due March 21st and is getting very excited about this new adventure the Lord has her on.
i am making the month of march a prayer month for amanda. she has been one of the most important people in my life for over 9 years now and has stuck by my side through all the adventures life takes us on. she is such an important part of my life and i can't believe the next chapter for her is to be a mother. now, i have never been a mom before but i am sure so many transitions come with having your first baby. that is why i am praying and praying for her throughout her last days of being pregnant. i am so excited to have a little niece. if any of you would like to pray alongside me, her babies name is adelyn. i can't wait to see if she looks like colby (amanda's husband) or more like amanda. God has given them the blessing of this child and i am blessed by being in another country and still feeling apart of where God is taking amanda and colby through life. Amanda, i know you are going to be the best mom in the world. i can't wait to see how addie grows up spiritually and how she matures throughout life with the guidance of you and colbs. your family means so much to me and i couldn't be more thrilled for where you are in life. over 9 years ago i remember talking and joking about who we thought we were going to marry and how many kids we want. well that chapter is here and in the perfection of God's timing. You are so special to me and i am so blessed to have you in my life. i love you more than words can say. living life with you is so rich, full of laughter, tears, and accountability. i love you girl. good luck in these last days. enjoy them, enjoy colby, and may you be even more filled with God's love and mighty strength.