Monday, June 20, 2011

Biggest Day Of Summer!

Yesterday ( June 19) we had our biggest day of summer! We fed over 400 people a steak dinner. We grilled over 180 lbs of meat, cooked over 1200 tortillas, cut over 200 avacados and tomatoes, and served over 25 bags of cheetos. (please note that Averee has a cheeto hand that matches the color of her shirt).

On this day we brought all the childrens homes here to the Back2Back property for an incredible dinner! We also invited any friends from the community that we know to come and join in and to see what Back2Back is all about! We always have a HUGE tent to fit everyone under. This year we had a time of worship, we ate, we heard some testimonies from some of our teens here on campus, and we were able to sit back and enjoy a little show all together! It is always such a crazy time but definitely worth all the craziness. The kids loved it and we loved serving them. Such a fun time.

It is always so fun to see all of our homes under one roof together. Seeing all the many faces we love on each day and bringing them together to let them know they are not alone in this world, is a highlight of mine each year. I just walked around with a huge smile on my face yesterday because watching them brings so much joy to my heart!