Thursday, February 9, 2012

UnOfficial First Group

Our Friends Amy and Amy, who have been to our Monterrey site, were visiting some relatives here in Mazatlan. When they heard Back2Back was here they were very eager to do something for a childrens home here! So, on mine and rodo's 2nd full day here in Mazatlan, we headed out to the Salvation Army home.
With our other staff, The Lail Family, and the Amys we helped prepare a lovely dinner for the home. Getting to know the children there was incredible. It was so fun seeing some sweet faces that we moved here for so close to when we arrived in Mazatlan.
One of The Amys is a chef and so she insisted on making a delicious meal for the home that they probably would not have all the time. All the kids rushed in when they realized they could help out by helping me prepare the cakes, or helping Amy with rolling meat balls for their dinner. All of the staff and all of the kids pitched in to help. It was such a fun night with them.

The Salvation Army Home currently has around 25 children living there. Some were sick and weren't there so we only had 15 kids with us that night. This home definitely has more of a family feel to it.
The night was incredible starting to put faces with names. I couldn't believe when some of the kids remembered rodo and i from our scout trip in late september/early October. And then when they realized we all spoke spanish they were SO EXCITED:)

I am excited to develop our relationship more and more with this home. I love the hearts of the directors (last picture with rodo and i) and the way they treat their children. Most importantly, their hearts for the Lord captivate you when they speak more and more of who they are and their mission in life and for the children.

Thank you Amy and Amy for being our first unofficial group here in Mazatlan! It was great to see you both again.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


After packing our house, saying goodbye to our Monterrey Staff family, and driving 13 hours....


Our drive was beautiful. I would love for all of you all to see what we drove through. if you have the time google: Espinaso del diablo (The Devil's Spine) and check out all the photos! It was literally the craziest thing i have EVER experienced. So scary. But we made it here safely with all of our stuff. And now WE LIVE HERE!

Next on the agenda... FINDING US A PLACE TO LIVE!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Leaving Monterrey was already going to be difficult enough so Rodo and I decided to tell our staff team we didn't want any kind of goodbye party filled with tears and sadness. So, our creative team came up with the idea that they would do a Carnival Send Off full of games and fun for the evening. It was honestly the most perfect way to spend the night. Our teens, staff families, and friends all came. Everyone wore western wear (in honor of me being from oklahoma:) You could buy Becca bucks that went towards all the games and the yummy food that was there.
We had funnel cakes, cake pops, nachos, pastries, and TONS more.
The games ranged from bobbing for apples, dart shooting at balloons that had fun prizes inside of them, target practice, cornhole, all the way to getting temporary tattoos from one of our jovens!

The night was filled with tons of laughter and fun.

Then they had a little surprise for us. I know what you are thinking, like a gift right? Well, not this time. The campus gave us "A PIE FOR THE GOODBYE". Each person had a turn shoving pie in our face. It was hilarious!
Thank you staff for loving us the way you have for the past 4 years, and even way before that! It is going to be super different now but each one of you has helped shape us into who we are today! All the accountability, friendships, salsa dancing parties, community nights, date nights, super salad nights, and etc.... we are going to miss it all!
Thank you for believing in us, loving us, and putting on such an incredible send off party. WE LOVE YOU MONTERREY STAFF FAMILY!