Thursday, November 26, 2009


JUST WANTED TO SAY HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS! today i am thinking about YOU ALL who have given so much to me and how THANKFUL i am for YOU. My supporters, My family, and all my friends who have stuck by my side through all seasons of my life. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOU! going to Imperio de Amor today to work and they made a little video for all of you! be sure to watch it!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!!!

NOW, i know what everyone is probably thinking... IT IS WAY TOO EARLY TO PUT YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE AND DECORATIONS UP BECCA.... well i hear you. BUT we all go home for Christmas break so we made a decision to put it up early and enjoy it to the fullest. This night was so much fun. My room mates, Jessica and Hope, and I went out to eat. Then we went through all our decorations from last year to see what we have and what we need. then we went off to buy some fun ornaments and a star. After that we came back to decorate the tree. We had Christmas music going as we put the tree up. Hope made apple crisp and it was so yummy. Then Ruby and Caroline came over for some apple cider and we all watched a movie. it was so much fun. A night of fellowship, friendship, and fun. i love the girls i live with and everyday it is a blessing to know exactly where i am and who surrounds me! Praise God for such solid girls that are daily pouring into me.
i love you girls so much! Thanks for adding so much to my life!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR GREAT CHRISTMAS CARDS TO SEND OUT THIS YEAR? Back2Back has made Christmas cards with pictures of children in all areas we serve. AFRICA, INDIA, AND MEXICO.
Click on the image to make it larger and learn how to order yours now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, if you and your family are looking at great ways to give this year, check out and look at the new Back2Back Christmas Catalog. There are TONS of needs here in Mexico, Nigeria, and India. You would be blessing the orphan child on Christmas Day. It is a neat and unique way to give this year!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have no idea what happened to some of these photos when i put them on here. haha anyway. Gabo and Kelly Velasco just had their first child. they were waiting to find out if it was a girl or a boy. Everyone had their own opinions and i KNEW it was a girl. no body believed me though. Well on November 2, 2009 they brought a beautiful little girl into this world. that is right. A GIRL!!!! her name is HANNAH ELIZABETH VELASCO and she is precious in every way. they are in the transition of having their first child and parenting 5 teenage girls in their house as well.
i had the pleasure of watching these 5 teenage girls while kelly and gabo were in the hospital and then for a week after they returned home. Let's just say i have a new respect for the house parents here on our campus. so many sneaky teenagers. haha. it was definitely hard for me to not be fun becca the whole time. i had to help them follow the rules and nanny becca came out. haha which means it was not very pretty all the time but at the end you still love them to pieces and they (hopefully) love you in return. It was fun though learning a little more about what a house parent does all the time. it was nothing like i ever thought. and i live here with them but once i was in their shoes alot of things made more sense. My respect for them grew and my love for the Esther house girls grew even more. I just love their girls and i am pretty excited to hold a brand new baby all the time. i had a super sweet moment with one of the girls just being able to speak truth to her in a moment of sadness and you know what... God gave the words for me to say in spanish to her and it was a wonderful moment for me. I LOVED being there, able to help her when all she wanted was someone to listen to and cry to. God is so good at placing people in your life when you need it the most. I praise God for bringing these girls into my life and for the love i have for each one of them.
Please pray for Kelly and Gabo as they are transitioning into parenthood and for the girls also.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


the annual FALL FESTIVAL was this past friday. it was so fun. it is held for our SMCA kids here and STAFF. last year the girls and i were the ninja turtles and this year we decided to be CONDIMENTS!!!!!!Ruby is ridiculously talented and made all the labels. it was a really fun idea. AND i personally crocheted Jessica's pickle had, so that was an adventure in itself. It was a great night. we had lots of yummy food, games, and fun. I LOVE OUR STAFF!!!!!!!