Friday, February 25, 2011

7 days and counting....

I cannot believe that in one week from right now, i will be a MARRIED woman! I am so excited for what is to come.
Rodolfo and I are renting a place near by the property of Back2Back. We figured that living in a community of 100 plus people wasn't real life. So, for the first year, we have committed to live off campus. It has been so fun getting our place ready and moving things over there, getting it all set up. We had a huge painting party last weekend. It was so fun having friends helping us. We felt super blessed!

So many people have been writing me and asking what they can be praying for.. So, i decided to do a blog and let LOTS of people know how they could be praying for us through this time of transition.
First off, this season of being engaged hasn't been the most stress free time for me. I praise God that He brought Rodo into my life because he is the most patient man i have EVER met. He has been so patient with me throughout this time. So, with that being said, i need lots of prayer for this upcoming week.

Ways you could be praying for us:

* Stress level this next week (mainly for me), we have 2 HUGE groups here and it will be VERY busy!

* For ALL the details that go into putting a wedding together to get done.

*That I would not forget anything major that needs to be done, and if i do forget something that i wouldn't stress out.

*For Rodo and I, that we would FULLY enjoy this last week of singleness and that there would be nothing but joy (from our hearts of course) springing from our actions and words

*My parents and sister are coming to Mexico for the FIRST TIME. I am super excited to show them around my life here. I hope they love it so much they will come back soon. Please Please be praying for their time here.

*Having so many people here for the wedding, I hope we get some quality time with everyone that joins us for our big day!

*And last but not least, To continue bringing Praise to God for the things that He has done for us in the past 7 months and the things that He is going to do for us and our marriage! We are your hands and feet Lord. May Rodo and I honor you with Praise!!

Thank you for loving us the way you do. We are SO PUMPED for this next week. We appreciate the extra prayers.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentines DAY!!!!!

I woke up to these beautiful roses!!!!!! Purple roses are my FAVORITE!!!!!

Rodo and i have been on a strict diet, for the wedding, since January 2nd. It has been super challenging especially when You wanna get your loved one some sweets for valentines day. Well i went grocery shopping and was determined to find something that was on our diet. I found Gluten free/Wheat free pancake mix! I also found some sugar free syrup. I called rodo over at around 8:00 am and we had a fun little Valentines day breakfast together. We put blueberries on top of the pancakes which made them taste even better :)
While i was searching for something at the store, i also found Gluten free/Wheat free sugar cookie mix. Because of this diet i haven't baked something in a really long time. i have missed it so much. So, i bought the cookie mix and a heart cookie cutter and got to baking the night before valentines day. The best part was, Rodo and I could eat what I baked. It was glorious and boy were those cookies so good.
Then that night, we didn't have anything set in stone. I was getting super tired and both of my roommates were gone for the night, so Rodo and I decided to throw together some chicken fajitas (without the tortilla of course) and a green bean recipe from my sister that is INCREDIBLE! I lit some candles and we cooked together for the first time. . Normally i just cook for him or he cooks for me. But this night, we made our dinner together. It was a Blast!!!!!! I love him and can't wait to marry him so stinkin soon!

These were some valentines on the walls of the English class in EL LIMON. i thought it would make for a great picture post on this valentines day blog! The kids wrote who they love on a cut out heart. So cute!
I hope you all had a wonderful day of LOVE!


I have written about Casa Hogar el limon about a million times. Every time i go there, time stands still. I don't worry about anything but loving on kids and working to improve their home.
This trip, however, was very different from most trips. Normally i go with lots of either high school age kids or older adults. But this time was with a group of 17 men that was a construction crew! I thought to myself, how in the world is this week going to be? Well, once again my time their was AMAZING!!!!!
The first couple days consisted of me and my roommate, Hope, going through donations and sorting them out. Also, taking pictures for our Sponsership program B2B has called SHELTER. Those couple of days just so happened to be the same days that the kids did not have school. So Hope and I were able to hang out with them ALOT and get to know them even better. We played tons of games with them. We played Sorry, uno, and a new game they taught us called TEN or Diez in Spanish. Then days after that consisted of us cutting rebar and putting it together for the footers of the bleachers we are building for their sport court.
The group of men that were with were INCREDIBLE! They are from a church called Riverview and I had met some of them before. They were such a talented group. They had construction workers, plumbers, photographers, videographers, a computer tech, and a mechanic with them. Every day i was learning just how talented these men were. It was a blessing being able to serve with them there in El Limon.
We made breakfast one morning for the guys and the directors of the home. we made eggs with bacon, salsa, and sausage. We also had an arrachera cookout for all of the home and us. It was incredible food with a great time with kids. After the cookout there was a big bonfire with the kids. We gave them each sticks and marshmallows. The kids were loving it. Hope and I were around the fire with some of the older girls just singing songs and praising the Lord. it was such a sweet time.
Our last night there consisted of a beautiful time of worship with the children. I am always amazed at how God is moving in that place, among the children. They also put on a little skit for us that was very moving and powerful. Everyone was crying their eyes out it was so good. The healing that has taken place in that home is unbelievable. The way that God has brought them from abuse and neglect to preaching about who Christ is and that He is the only way, just shows comes to show you that healing is there. all of the kids and directors gathered the whole group up and circled around us and started praying for all of us. Then it was time to say goodnight and goodbye. It is always a sad time for me to leave there. It is my favorite place to go and i always hate saying goodbye. God speaks so clearly through each and every person there.
I hope if you have never been on a trip there, you will one day be able to experience it. I am very fortunate to be able to go their at least 2 times a year. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Introducing Finley Mae Cromwell

This is an hour before my niece was born!!
Seconds after her birth, such a sweet moment!
6 pounds, 15 ounces born at 9:30pm Sunday January 30, 2011
After giving birth, she looks amazing!

Todd swaddling for the first time
Todd's niece holding Finley for the first time

Back in December when i was home for a week, i helped my sister, Sarah, get the nursery ready. We went through a bunch of clothes, hung them up in her closet. We seperated a ton of stuff and started the process of organizing everything from her baby showers. We knew Finley was going to be born sometime in the next month. (Pictures of her Nursery above)
I had bought a plane ticket for the day of Sarah's due date which was January 29, 2011. I knew i didn't have too much time to be in Oklahoma but Sarah swore she would have her earlier than that. So, i arrived on the 29th. And NO BABY!!!! Because my sister was 40 weeks pregnant, i stayed with her and Todd to help out a bit while i was there. But really we just did last minute wedding details. So in reality they helped me out a lot. Sarah took me all over Oklahoma City. The personal shower, my best friends threw me, was going to be on Sunday, January 30th. We went shopping so her and my mom could get me some dresses for the honeymoon! We seriously went ALL over the mall and all over the City. We were so tired by the end of the day. But, there was LOTS of walking that day. I thought for sure Finley was going to be born. But she wasn't.
So the next day, we run a couple of errands and just hung out. We went on a 45 minute walk and still NO BABY!!!! at this point i only had 1 more full day left. I was getting super sad in thinking that she wasn't going to be born.
Next day (Sunday), the day of my personal shower. At 12:30 or so, Sarah and Todd went to the hospital because Sarah was contracting pretty bad. they checked into the hospital and she was dialated at a 6. i thought for sure the 2 hours i was going to be at my shower, was going to be when Finley was born. My mom was with me as well, and we were just waiting for the phone call saying she was born.
Well, the good news was that she wasn't born during the shower. So my mom and i rushed over to change and then go to the hospital.
And within a couple hours, at 9:30 pm, sweet little Finley Mae was born. I had the privilege of being in the room when she was born and that was such a sweet moment for me. I AM OFFICIALLY AN AUNT! As you can tell from the sweet pictures, she kind of looks like an angel. She is perfect. Seriously, she is beautiful. I was SO PROUD of my sister. She was a rockstar. She made it look so easy to have a baby. And Todd was just staring at Finley, it was a very sweet moment seeing them looking at her for the first time. Todd just stared at her forever! So, i was able to actually be there for the moment my niece was born. Not only there, but in the room. I stayed at the hospital as long as i could holding her. Then, i went back to their house, packed all my things, and picked up around the house. Oliver (their dog) knew something was up. He was a cuddle bug that night and normally he is not. I didn't go to bed until around 2 in the morning. Then at 6:30, woke up to get things done so i could go to the hospital until the last second before getting on a plane.
I only had a couple hours with Finley, Sarah, and Todd that day. Because Finley was born, it was REALLY hard to leave. I mean I LOVE NEWBORNS, but this was my NIECE! i am finally an Aunt. I don't cry very often when i leave Oklahoma, but this was one time that was VERY HARD to leave!
I am so proud of you and the way you are transitioning into the journey of motherhood. Thank you for everything you did for me while i was home and all the stores you took me too. I really appreciate you and all you do for me when i am in town and when i am not. I love facetiming with you guys and Finley. I praise God for technology because i actually am able to see Finley. It is hard to be away in big moments like this that go on in your life. But i am thankful for being able to be there for the birth. It was a very cool moment for me. Thank you for allowing me to be there right alongside you all. I miss being there so much with you all. I can't wait to be there in April and get to hold her again. I love you guys. You are above and beyond as a sister. i love you!
Give Finley kisses from TIA BECCA

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Showers, Showers, Showers

Biggest Surprise: Julie Cooper coming to my Personal Shower thrown by B2B ladies!!!!!!
Days before, I was riding in the car with Kathy and Stacy and said these exact words... " The only way that my shower on friday could be any better is if Julie Cooper could be here." No lie! And who walks in my door friday morning???? none other than Julie Cooper. It was such a fun surprise. i LOVE that she was able to be here for my shower!
Roomies for Life !!

Ruby gets the creative award for the evening. She made the cookies that had the initial A on them. And for our new house she made us that Cute Happily ever after sign. I LOVE it! Can't wait to put it up somewhere!

The B2B ladies are the ones that have been here and know Rodo and I personally from the beginning! It was so fun to share a night of laughs, fun food, games, and prayer with them. They also let me open a wedding present early because they wanted to watch me open it. So of course i said i would. hehe. Some of the ladies went in together and got me something I have ALWAYS wanted. A RED KITCHEN AID MIXER! I am so excited to bake yummy treats with it. I started freaking out when i realized what it was and then i didn't set it down off my lap for a really long time. i couldn't believe it. I felt so blessed and loved by this night and by each and every one of you ladies. Thank you for the ways you pour into mine and Rodolfo's life each day!


Beautiful snacks and refreshments with our engagement pictures framed all around!

GiGi's Cupcakes, probably my new favorite thing!

Mother of the Bride - And no, we did not plan on matching.. heheh

My Best friends in Oklahoma threw me a personal shower! I have been to a million personal showers and I can say, when it is your turn to be the spotlight, it is very weird. but great all at the same time :) Just some of my close friends were there which made it such a sweet intimate time. I felt so honored by all of my friends that they would even want to throw me a shower.
This wedding planning time has actually been VERY stressful for me. On top of planning a wedding in a different country, Rodo and I are having to support raise as well. And with all that going on we are still having to work full hours. I don't want to sound like I am complaining, I just want you all to know where I am coming from. So, when the girls decided to throw me a shower, I couldn't wait because I was VERY ready for some fun to come out of this whole time. So, I seriously felt so blessed by all of my friends. Some people that live out of town were not able to make it to the shower but still sent presents and helped host it. I was amazed at how thoughtful my friends have been throughout this whole time. I loved every part of being there with them. Thank you ladies for a wonderful afternoon of games, yummy treats, and fellowship. I love you all so much.