Thursday, April 11, 2013


 After a year and 2 months of Rodo and I living in Mazatlan, Mexico, God continues to bring people to serve alongside Back2Back Ministries here! Here is the latest Staff picture.
From Left to Right: Rodo and Becca Arguello, Adam Gellenbeck (behind Becca), Gabo and Kelly Velasco (DIRECTORS), Chad and Kristin Huber, Matt and Dana Metzger. 
Excited for new adventures as we grow our Mazatlan B2B Community! 

My sweet friend, Amanda Krewall, came to visit us in Mazatlan. It was her last college spring break. She graduates in May and then immediately starts living and working in the real world. We had a blast going to all of the childrens homes and showing her around our new city. She had interned in Monterrey a couple of summers ago and was ready to embark on our adventure here in Mazatlan. 
I love when people from Oklahoma get a chance to come here and catch the vision of what we do. It is such a blessing to us that she wanted to come here. She blessed us with her presence, some goodies from the states, and great friendship! Thanks girl for all you did for us while you were here! 

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